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Our Extra 300L -World-class unlimited aerobatic airplane


The Extra 300L is a +-10g Aerobatic Aircraft with 300hp airshow ready aircraft right from the factory. 

Extreme Thrill Ride


A typical aerobatic ride  lasts 30 minutes and includes a variety of maneuvers: aileron rolls,  loops, barrel rolls, hammerhead turns, vertical rolls, point-rolls, inverted flight—and for true thrill-seekers, tumbles (e.g., a Lomcevak), and spins. Just $299  Text the Pilot 615-218-7600 to schedule a ride.

Extreme Fun


And you get to fly the airplane.  The Pilot/Instructor has over 10,000 flight hours and will give you the stick and talk you through some of the maneuvers in the Extra 300 Thrill Ride stunt plane, best 20 minute airplane ride of your life. Just $299 

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Extreme Thrill Rides

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